If you are already making some money on the Internet,
how do you increase the revenue and earn more money online?

Do you have to work twice as hard as you did earlier?
Not really because marketing online is very different than
those in the real world where you can implement new tactics
easily on the internet.

To start making money online on autopilot, the first step
is to think a bit more creatively about your current webpages.
Look at your website, and analyze the pages. Then identify
the one page where you could add an "up-sell".

What to up-sell and how to up-sell is the key.

Up-selling is not a difficult art to master provided you
know what to up-sell and how to up-sell. More often than
not, marketers mix up a lot of ideas and make an absolute
hash of up-selling. In fact, in some cases, people drop
their ideas of buying a product when they are given a
product that doesn’t correlate to the main product.

Once you understand what you need to up-sell, you should
find out how best you can up-sell your product.

Here are some cost-saving techniques to help you increase
your online revenue on the Internet:

i. You can now add an up-sell on your newsletter subscription
page. All you got to do is ask the visitors to sign up for
let’s say a free trial offer just before they click on the
Register for the paid product.

ii. You may have a sales page directly selling a particular
product. Just add another product before the visitor can
click on the Buy button for the paid product. You may text
the up-selling product as a discounted bonus!

iii. You could also up-sell your product in the shopping cart.
This is what you should do – Before the visitors confirm their
order, ask them to include the up-selling product in the cart.
This could be a good conversion mechanism because you don’t
really ask the customers to go through a series of steps to
click and buy on your up-selling product.

Mind you – Any effort you take to increase your online revenue
on autopilot has to be done with equal amount of diligence.
The task here is on a different wavelength. You intend to make
money without you having to actually work for it. If you have
been a believer in earning money by working hard, this concept
would come as a big change for you.

Importantly, there is no niche on the Internet, which does not
have scope for you to earn money on autopilot. All it needs is
a bit of thought, and you would be able to crack some ideas on
your own. Watch out for one thing though – At the start, as it
happens in most cases, the revenue inflow wouldn’t be as huge
as you would have forecasted.

Take things slowly, and if you are able to add even one zero
to your earning on a monthly basis, you would have made a
good start to earn money on autopilot.

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